The yarns that inspired this particular design come from Nova Scotia, where they know a thing or two about cold weather. I combined 3 strands of the lace-weight silk/kid mohair yarn with 1 strand of sock yarn to produce a warm, cushy, and durable fabric (together they equal a worsted weight yarn). Silk and kid mohair are, as my friend and colleague Lucy Neatby says, the “nylon of the natural fiber world.” Thus, the fiber content of these socks is ideal. Note: Do not wind the strands together into one ball, as they will not behave as well as if you work from single balls.

I think the Sweet Tomato Heel offers the best of all foundations for the Coriolis design and am very pleased to offer this new variation.


This pattern is in my eBook, Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks.


You may buy the whole eBook for $20 here (there will be 11 socks in total; each additional sock update makes your book longer until it is complete). The eBook can be put on any electronic device you have which will accept PDFs (computer, iPad, Nook, Kindle, iPhone, etc).

You can also buy single sock patterns for $8 each. To buy the Hearthsong Socks as a single pattern for $8, click here.

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