& Val Curtis

Hello and welcome! My name is Val Curtis and I have a story to share with you.


Before Cat passed, I started working with her on a new site. Something that would be easy to navigate, would share Cat’s stories, and offer her community a place to gather.


We stopped working on it as her health waned, but I promised her I would keep moving forward.


It isn’t a simple task to take someone’s vision and develop it without them. We spoke about larger aspects of the site, but there were so many little details I wanted to ask her about. For example, the color scheme! She wanted something that would help visitors feel grounded and welcomed. We went through so many combinations and then it hit me one day as I was going through my photos…Hello 

a rainbow of Hespa yarn hung on a wall

Right there from Cat’s living room, she had already chosen the colors for me! I went back to her house and color sampled the skeins.


This set the rhythm, not to force different aspects of the site, but to see what was presented to me when it was needed. I think Cat would have liked it that way.


A big ‘thank you’ to the many voices who contributed to this organic, still growing project – especially to the Silent Knitters. You have been incredible source of support and guidance throughout.


I would also like to say “Thank you” to all of the wonderful people who have reached out via Facebook and Instagram, especially the “Cat Bordhi’s Cradle for Knitters, Weavers, and Spinners” Facebook group. You are such an inspiring group of fiber lovers!


Back in 2001, when I met a charismatic and supportive English teacher while I was student teaching, I had no idea where our friendship would lead. I recall walking through the hall one day after lunch and I heard her melodic voice emanating from her classroom, “Ok, take out your knitting while I read “The Lightning Thief”. I was SO curious! Out came little craft bags, baskets, yarn and needles and I knew I was witnessing something extraordinary. Soon she left teaching to dedicate herself to her knitting community and what a beautiful community she grew. 


Over the years, our paths crossed and I would hear about her amazing adventures – knitting on trains, traveling the world, and repeatedly creating magic with yarn and needles. 


When my kids were born, it was copies of “Treasure Forest” and special knit items. Especially for my daughter. Cat deemed her knitworthy and so she received and modeled Anemone Hats and Wherewithall Vests.


When I started my online magazine for moms, BonBon Break, Cat was my biggest cheerleader. “Go for it! Keep climbing up the ladder! Let me know if there is any way I can support you.” 

Time and again, my friend showed up for me. In 2019, she asked me to start helping her with her social media and I loved spending time in her living room – when she was rarely home – talking about the possibilities of live video and podcasts. You know it would have been amazing. We had purchased the microphones and everything but it wasn’t to be. 


Before she left, she asked Jenny and I to come to an agreement that would allow me to continue her community, her patterns and eBooks – and as we have discovered, her unreleased patterns.


She would ask me to come over and she would fill every single last corner of my 4Runner with bins and bins of books, original works and yarn and yarn and more.  “Keep it going!” As I have worked my way through the bins, there are little notes she wrote to me tucked here and there in books and bags of socks. So much responsibility, but such a gift.


I never flinched when she offered these things, how could I? During some of my most trying times, my dear friend was my life raft. I know so many of you have experienced this as well. And she knew what she was doing, her community is such a powerful and positive part of my life now. 

Finally, I would like to thank Cat’s daughter, Jenny. Once upon a time, Jenny was my next door neighbor and I taught at the local middle school with Cat. My friendship began with Cat, but Jenny has become a near and dear friend. She is an amazing mother to Charlie, a steadfast friend, and a total bad ass when it comes to running and incredible food. She is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met, but she is so much more and offers me that reminder each and every day. Grateful is not a strong enough word for this friendship and sisterhood. Her mom was my “Joy Pocket” and Jenny is a constant source of inspiration and hope. Thank you, Jenny!


Val Curtis, friend of Cat and owner of Treehouse Creative Digital Solutions 

You can email me at: admin@catbordhi.com