Cat's Final Designs: MoMo Cowls

Cat’s Final Designs: MoMo Cowls

BUY THIS COLLECTION (12 MoMo Cowls) for $10.00.

What is a MoMo Cowl? It’s a magical solution to a Moebius puzzle I’ve been pondering since 2000. It allows all the “wrong side” floats of … More

Craftsy Moebius Class

Craftsy Moebius Class

For a dozen years I have loved helping knitters cross the Moebius threshold. Now I can take you so much farther with the eight projects in this interactive class, where you can type your … More

Lacey Moebius Cowl - a free pattern

Lacey Moebius Cowl – a free pattern

If I had one word for the true Moebius, it would be grace.

My introductory video on the Moebius Cast-On (the MCO) will get started, for Moebius knitting is unlike anything else you … More

Moebius Swan Tea Cozy - a free pattern

Moebius Swan Tea Cozy – a free pattern

Please watch my video on the Moebius to learn how to get started with this kind of knitting which is unlike anything else you may have ever done. Once you learn the cast-on and … More

Anemone Hats

Anemone Hats

I have worn my own collection of these anemone hats for years and have grown used to being greeted by curious, suddenly cheerful strangers every time I wear one. The anemone hat has a … More