Two feet outfitted with Houdini socks are popping out of a magician's hat

So many of you know and love this sock because Cat used it to teach hundred of knitters a new strategy for knitting heels. Now this isn’t THE sock heel knitting technique that she is so famous for creating, but it does have a special sense of magic to it! 


❤️ From Cat: 

The inserted heel sock is probably the oldest and simplest of all sock architectures. For centuries, individuals have knit a tube with a toe at one end, then snipped a stitch and unraveled sideways to open a space to knit the missing heel. Elizabeth Zimmermann called it an “afterthought heel,” and today’s popular short-row heel actually produces the same architecture via a different sequence, with the heel knit in place rather than added later. The Houdini socks offer another approach to this ancient architecture. Houdini socks begin with a sock footprint – afoot-shaped tube closed on both ends –with no apparent way in, and no leg. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Houdini to understand what happens next.

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