Deb's Crown

Deb Nolan wearing a golden knit hat with band that is reminiscent of a crown

Introducing Deb's Crown

Cat designed this hat for her dear friend, Deb. Many of you know her as the talented caterer at Cat’s retreats. Deb brought me the hats and claims it is easily her favorite and she wears it all Fall and Winter.


Truth be told, we all need to wear a crown sometimes, right? Perhaps it is a birthday, a victory at work, getting a grandchild to nap or a pick-me-up for a friend who needs it. 


Of course, Cat made three different variations, but the first one has a fun little story and I reached out to her knitters to see if we could capture it and thanks to Maureen, now we know!


♥️ – Val
Caretaker of Cat’s Legacy


I’m pretty sure every one of Cat’s San Juan Island retreats were magic. April 2013 was the first retreat of the year at Lakedale. It dared to rain as the “the kindness of knitters” (as Cat called us) gathered from all over the country. We came to de-stress, learn, share and experiment while working on felfs, phone pouches and tea cozies. There was also a visit from the local fox, an Island Fibers popup shop, quiet times, lots of laughter and stories from Cat and Jim P, wine, and even some sunshine. But everyone was always happy to drop everything when Deb Nolan served her fabulous meals. The Catering Queen needed a crown! Cat started the hat. The attendees were invited to add a couple of rows. 

Now, who do YOU know that deserves a crown?

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Our Test Knitters Used Malabrigo Rios

Notes From Our Test Knitters

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Vicky Bausinger

Ravelry: elsassmile

Yarn Color: Dunes

Beth Benson

Ravelry: bethstar

Yarn Color: Tranquilo

Andrea Brush

Ravelry: TheDarkSideofCute

Yarn Color: Bobby Blue

Maureen Carter

Ravelry: Mrncrtr

Yarn Color: Lapacho

Ruth Chichester

Ravelry: OnTiptoe

Yarn Color: Yerba

Cathie Clove

Ravelry: cathieclove

Yarn Color: Uruguay

Colette Drouillard

Ravelry: Colette8765

Yarn Color: Jacaranda

Sharon Goetz

Ravelry: burntslate

Yarn Color: Fresco y Seco

Anna Guy

Ravelry: Annaguy1956

Yarn Color: Whales Road

Laura Hirsch

Ravelry: ljblackdeer

Yarn Color: Chaja

Claudia Johnson

Ravelry: Cjcrochet1knit2

Yarn Color: Fresco Y Seco

Mandie MacDonald

Ravelry: momschool

Yarn Color: Indiecita

Lindsey Maher

Ravelry: Iclandicacres

Yarn Color: Volcan

Sharon Nye

Ravelry: Nutyknitter

Yarn Color: Ankara Green

Diane OBrien

Ravelry: D4obrien

Yarn Color: Celery Green

Diane Psota

Ravelry: bearknitter

Yarn Color: Cereza

Ellen Toothacker

Ravelry: hardwarequeen

Yarn Color: Diana

Linda Williams

Ravelry: lindalou119

Yarn Color: Sunset

Margie Yemini

Ravelry: mbyemini

Yarn Color: Glazed Carrot

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