When I set out to write a novel, I meant to keep the knitting out of it, but it grew right up through it like tendrils of grass, becoming an integral part of my story. Needless to say, I was charmed. This is a work of realistic fiction, which at times drifts into a realm that you may choose to call fantasy or not, and then drifts back. If you read it more than once you will become aware of many levels and connections, few of which I consciously planned. It is the book I have always wanted to read, and I hope you will want to read it too. It did win the Nautilus Award for Young Adult Fiction in 2004. You can find it in some local yarn shops, but mostly you are going to have to go on-line to find a copy. It exists in mass market paperback, trade paperback, and two hardcover editions. Only the hardcover editions have all the artwork. It has also been published in India in a special edition, and was translated into Russian but so far has not been published in Russian.

PLEASE NOTE: We do have several copies of Treasure Forest available. Our goal is to have them available in an online store in the beginning of 2022. 

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