A Second Treasury of Magical Knitting


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I fell under the spell of Moebius knitting in 2002 after jumping out of bed one night with the sudden realization of how to cast on for a Moebius. For a full year I helplessly and happily chased the Moebius Muse who gaily led me down many spirited pathways. The result was two Moebius knitting books holding about 70 of that year’s designs. 


Paper copies are now out of print, so the books are now available as PDF eBooks. You can store the book on any digital device you own and can easily print any pages you want. My Moebius video is approaching a half  million views. If you watch it a few times and practice, you will be ready to chase the Moebius Muse yourself.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of the Second Treasury:

Introduction & First Lesson 

Pattern for magical beginners: Your First Moebius

Techniques: The Moebius Cast-On (the MCO), counting MCO stitches, one crossing, first stitch, leaping frogs, first and second half-rounds, knitting into front or back leg

Chapter One: Ancient Fiber Magic

Patterns for new felters: Felted Needle Cozies, four styles,  Felted Wallets, two styles

Techniques: Felting step by step, alternatives to a washing machine, shaping, felting in a dryer, yarn substitution and swatching, spiral felting, embellishments

Chapter Two: Magical Baskets 

Patterns: Felted Moebius Basket,  Swirling Moebius Basket, Mossy Moebius Basket,  Shape du Jour Moebius Baskets

Techniques: Opening up a new dimension with waste yarn, balloon blocking, revelatory swirls

Chapter Three: Felted Sling Bags 

Patterns: Moebius Sling Bag, winter weight ,  Moebius Sling Bag, summer weight, Persian Bag with Pouch,  Child’s Swirl Sling Bag,  Diamond Sling Bag, Spacious Show & Tell Moebius Bag,  Spacious Desert Sunrise Bag

Techniques: Adjusting strap size, right and left-sided versions, adding pouches

Chapter Four: Unfelted Sling Bags

Patterns: Rolled Edge Sling Bag,  Cinnamon Braid Sling Bag, Linen Sling Bag,  Softie Sling Bag

Techniques: Lining a bag, multiple pouches, horizontal braid

Chapter Five: Jester Tentacles Bags

Patterns: Jester Tentacles Bag,  Jester Tentacles Hat, Child’s Jester Tentacles Bag

Techniques: Trusting tentacles, liberated method of tentacle-creation, felting for a hat or a bag

Chapter Six: Moebius Bowls

Patterns: Fringed Felted Moebius Bowl,  Large Bowl or Kitty Nest

Techniques: Felting fringe, picking up stitches from a Moebius rim

Chapter Seven: Moebius Clusters

Patterns: Moebius Fanny Basket,  Nesting Moebius Trio,  Felted Foursome, Mesmerizing Half-Moebius Mishap,  Mesmerizing Half-Moebius Marvel

Techniques: Two compartments, four compartments, putting an extra crossing to good use, finding the silver lining in a Celtic tangle, felting edges without needing to bind off

Chapter Eight: Feline Bliss Beds

Patterns:  Red Rose Bed,  Rainforest Nest,  Fringed Forest Bed, Paws & Tail Cat Bed ,  Fair Isle Nest & Liner

Techniques: Fitting a bed to your cat, blocking beds with a wheelbarrow inner tube, felting fringe

Chapter Nine: The Trifold Series

Patterns: Somersaulting Rim Trifold Bowl, Somersaulting Rim Trifold Hat, Trifold Sandstone & Sky Bag, Knitter’s Trifold Bowl

Techniques: Trifold MCO, isolating three crossings, picking up stitches from a trifold rim



Magical knitting techniques: Knitting on two circular needles,  A Moebius band becomes a simple circle, Waste yarn openings, Picking up waste yarn stitches, Applied I-Cord, Grafting I-cord ends


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