Cat Bordhi

Cat crossed over to her next journey on September 19, 2020. This is her telling of her story…

When a stranger asks me, “What do you do?” I’m often unsure how to explain.


One time aboard an airplane I replied, “I’m an archaeological forensic topologist.”


The two men sitting beside me suddenly sat up straighter. “So you’re a medical examiner?” one asked.


“No, I’m a knitter,” I replied.


And I wasn’t fibbing or even exaggerating. Knitting is indeed topology (the study of knots and pathways) and I am filled with immense curiosity about how it’s been done and how else it might be done, which is forensics. As for archaeology, my passion for Perú and its textile traditions have been leading me in that direction as well. If you’ve ever contemplated traveling through Perú and sitting side by side with indigenous knitters and sharing techniques, read my blog post of June 17, 2013 to take a vicarious journey right now. For six years, mi hermano Jim and I have been taking groups to Perú, as well as other countries with a strong fiber tradition, like Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, and Mexico.


But most of all I am a person who loves the innocent, unfettered intelligence and sense of wonder that rises in knitters as we explore this sensuous world of pulling loops through loops and rearranging them to create beauty.


I absolutely love to teach, and it is natural to me to perceive each student as their best self. This, and my passion for teaching, make each workshop whole and fresh. One of my students wrote: “Your generosity of spirit and kind attention to everyone set the stage for all to grow and learn.” You will find a list of my upcoming workshops and retreats in the menu to the left.  And here is an interesting podcast that includes Jan Hamby’s interview with me during one of my island knitting retreats.


I am the author of one novel and am the artisan publisher of all nine of my knitting books, as well as many single patterns.


In 2005, I created a stream of Visionary Retreats, a profound collaboration of knit designers and fiber artists dedicated to artisan publishing spirited books of unique and enduring value. Dozens of best-sellers have come from Visionary authors, each one offering a unique treasure of resources, techniques, designs, and inspiration to the global community of knitters, spinners, and weavers.