Zebra Socks with Sweet Tomato Heels

Zebra socks for babies through large adults lead off my new eBook, Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks. To purchase the entire eBook for $20 (read below for more information), click here. Or, if you prefer to buy just this single sock pattern for $8, click here. You will have the choice of paying by Paypal or by credit card.


I’m going to offer the eBook like a slow-release vitamin — initially the cover, table of contents, the foundation lessons, and two or three socks. Then every month I’ll add one new sock (as an automatic digital update) until the book finally completes itself with all eight to ten designs. Somewhere along the line, I will also release the patterns as singles. All of this will happen on Ravelry and here, and probably also on Patternfish.


The book will be laid out like my other books, with lots of illustrations, photos, charts, schematics, line-by-line instructions, and also live video links. A reader can print just the pages needed for a pattern, or work beside a laptop or iPad (which also allows charts and images to be stretched so details pop). It would take me close to two more years to complete this as a print book. I hesitate to invest in a large print run (necessary to keep the price reasonable) when electronic publishing, with its much smaller carbon footprint, is winning so many converts. So I am giving it a try, and am doing my very best to design a cozy, functional, and empowering experience for my readers.

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