Feather & Foliage Socks

My Feather & Foliage Sock introduces the Padded Sweet Tomato Heel, which curves the traditionally straight columns of heel stitch into a beautiful shell-like cup. I suggest first trying one of the other patterns in this collection in order to appreciate the simplicity of the original Sweet Tomato Heel method. Then, adding columns of slipped stitches to create the Padded Heel will seem natural. For the full pattern collection of 17 socks, you may purchase the eBook, Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks. To buy just the Foliage and Feathers pattern, click here.


I am always on the look-out for really great sock yarn. It has to be springy (to produce elastic fabric and be ergonomically kind to the knitter), have plenty of twist and three or more plies, and if it also has great stitch definition, it gets an extra gold star. This yarn, “Crazyfoot,”  from Mountain Colors meets all my criteria, and feels marvelously responsive and lively as you knit.


This stitch pattern is a lesser-known member of the very large Feather and Fan family. The usual cluster of 3 or 4 decreases at each side of the lacy swags is replaced by a single decrease that consumes 3 or 4 stitches in one fell swoop (tapered needle points are best) to create a lush, foliage-like edging.

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