A Treasury of Magical Knitting


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I fell under the spell of Moebius knitting in 2002 after jumping out of bed one night with the sudden realization of how to cast on for a Moebius. For a full year I helplessly and happily chased the Moebius Muse who gaily led me down many spirited pathways. The result was two Moebius knitting books holding about 70 of that year’s designs. 


Paper copies are now out of print, so the books are now available as PDF eBooks. You can store the book on any digital device you own and can easily print any pages you want. My Moebius video is approaching a half  million views. If you watch it a few times and practice, you will be ready to chase the Moebius Muse yourself.

BELOW IS THE TABLE OF CONTENTS of A Treasury of Magical Knitting:

Introduction: Exploration with paper, pencil, scissors and tape, Augustus Ferdinand Moebius and Helga Moebius


Chapter One – Techniques, and One Tool 

Techniques: Shattering a myth, One tool, Moebius Cast-On (MCO) – the fastest in the world; counting MCO stitches, knitting through the front or back loop, marker position


Chapter Two – Simplest-of-All Moebius Scarf

Patterns: Simplest-of-All Moebius Scarf – Basic Version, The Snuggler, Fringed Cedar Bark, Swinging Mikado

Techniques:  Bipolar stockinette, yarn choices, number of stitches to cast on, yardage calculations, elastic bind-off, blocking a Moebius


Chapter Three – The Purl Ridge Scarf

Patterns: Moebius Purl Ridge Scarf – Basic Version, Merging Stripes, Color Shift Moebius, Honey Lane Alpaca, Hay Bale Moebius, Moguls Moebius, Cloud Stream Edged in Blue Sky,  Sandstone and Sky Felted Stripes

Techniques:  Applied I-cord, grafting I-cord ends, color transitions, purl ridge variations and sequences, light felting


Chapter Four – Mercurial Shapes

Patterns: Moth-Eaten Moebius, Mohair Moebius Scarf-Shawl, Mercurial Moebius Wraps, Scottish Wave Scarf

Techniques: Shaping a Moebius, making two Moebii with mirror reflection


Chapter Five – Mirrored Diagonals

Patterns: Arrow Lace Pathways – Basic Version, Mulberry Silk Pathways Scarf, Beaded Tresses Arrow Scarf

Techniques: Diagonals that become arrows, working a circular gauge swatch in rows


Chapter Six – Lace Reflections

Patterns: Sage Rhythm Wrap, White Lacy Shoulder Wrap

Techniques:  Needle-wrapping


Chapter Seven – Moebius-Banded Hats

Patterns: Reversible Lotus Blossom Hat, Jeweled Merino Cap, Beaded Tresses Hat

Techniques: Turning a Moebius band into a simple circle, knitting on two circular needles, making beaded tresses


Chapter Eight – Mischievous Feet

Patterns: Felted Moebius Boots – Basic Version, Sophie’s Mermaid Feet, Enchanted Forest Christmas Stocking, Buckskin Boot, Child’s Woodland Boots, Seven Socklings Necklace

Techniques: Felting fringe, felting and fitting, blocking a foot, waste yarn openings, sock-knitting


Chapter Nine – Swirling Capes

Patterns: Rimrock Cape, Lost Trail Cape

Techniques: Growing a cape from a Moebius scarf, facing


Chapter Ten – Undulating Adventures

Patterns: Windy Blue Sky Scarf, Undulating Autumn Scarf

Techniques: Working short row undulations and variations, working the MCO in segments


Chapter Eleven – Questions Answered & a Few Magic Tricks

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