A Letter from Cat's Hermano, Jim

Our dear, beloved and loving Cat Bordhi has passed away this morning.


She touched and bettered so many lives.  We have been transformed by her creativity, her passion, her energy, her love, her guidance, her teaching & guiding, her inquisitive & searching nature, her friendship and her deep-seated (and indeed deep-seeded) desire to share on so many levels.


Cat’s award-winning book of fiction, Treasure Forest, was aptly named.  Cat brought all of us along with her on her adventures in the treasure forest of life.  And what a deep, mysterious, embracing and healing adventure that was.  And will continue to be.


Cat woke with a start one night years ago when the cast-on technique for the mobius came to her in a dream.  And in the years since she shared with missionary zeal both that wondrous technique and the infinite possibilities of the mobius in knitting and in life.


And cartwheels.  She was so proud of her ability to do cartwheels well into her 60’s whether it was in the sacred Incan Qorikancha garden in Cusco, Peru or in Portree on the Isle of Skye in Scotland.


But mostly, and above all else, she was forever proud of Jenn & Charlie and so deeply, deeply in love with them.  And as we hold Cat near and dear to our hearts today and forever, let’s embrace Jenn & Charlie now and forever as well.


Our hearts are knit together today in love and gratitude for Cat Bordhi and her life so well-lived.  This infinite thread provides us safety and gifts us the freedom and courage to experiment, explore and dive right into all the ponds of our treasure forests.


Let the river carry you, dear, dear Cat.


Let the river carry you.