Two-day workshop June 28-29, 2019 at Wythe Yarn Shop in Wytheville, VA

A year ago four of the staff from Wythe Yarn Shop traveled all the way to Bremen, Georgia, to take a workshop with me, and we so enjoyed one another that this summer I am going to them!  Come join us—these are dynamic, intelligent, fun knitters who are welcoming and full of great ideas. I’ll be teaching “Wearable Pouches and a Treasury of Straps & Bracelets,” and you will even be able to adapt what I teach to making dog collars and leashes (a few years ago some of may students made chicken collars and someone arrived with a chicken for us to use as a model; she looked fabulous). I made my mother’s cat a fancy collar that she wears just for company. This is a very practical class actually, and you will learn some techniques that can enhance your knitting forevermore, and if you make a phone pouch (and use it regularly) you will never lose it again. TO REGISTER, CLICK HERE.