2019 Spring Island Knitting Retreats

Spring dates: March 31-April 5 and April 7-12  The spring sessions will focus on the friendly methods in my books, Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks and The Art of Felfs: felted footwear for families. I’ll also be teaching my as yet unpublished Wherewithall Vest!

The retreats are held in Friday Harbor, on San Juan Island, Washington.

I particularly love doing these retreats and sharing the beauty of the island where I am so fortunate to live. San Juan Island is closer to British Columbia’s Vancouver Island than it is to mainland USA, and those of us who live here consider it paradise. Our retreat home fis the serene and sparkling Island Inn at 123 West, about a minute’s walk from the ferry. We’ll  spend one afternoon cruising on the interisland ferry, circling amongst the four ferry-served islands while I teach. And Island Wools, our local yarn shop, is just a two-minute walk if you suddenly need something.

Our gathering space looks out on neighboring islands and on into the wild blue yonder. Imagine sipping your morning coffee and watching the sun rise over Brown Island, painting the sky like a beautiful rose-gold skein of cashmere! As always, afternoons will be free for exploring the island. You can stroll about the village or the waterside park, visit the Whale Museum, wander the network of docks and fantasize about life aboard, walk along quiet forested roads, or rent a bike and intimately explore the island’s byways. Or savor a sweet afternoon nap in your ultra-soft sheets! There are alpaca farms, hiking trails, beaches, an outdoor sculpture museum, harbor seals, and more. There is bountiful time to learn lots of knitting techniques, get plenty of one-on-one instruction, make new friends, relax, and make yourself at home on a beautiful island. What I teach shifts from year to year, but I always welcome any projects you want to explore or have help with. I welcome anyone who loves to knit, even if you knit dishcloths year in and year out, you are a knitter and we understand one another and share a kindred well of goodness. For full information about the retreats, including the registration form and how to reserve a spot, download the *2019 Spring Island Knitting Retreats To learn about the variety of lodging choices, download Island Inn Room Guide for Cat’s 2019 Retreats.