Today I gathered the courage to release my first eBook…

Up until a few moments ago, all my books have been paper. But now, a new book, Cat’s Sweet Tomato Heel Socks, is born, and will be winging its way via cyber-molecules to electronic devices in knitters’ hands, perhaps even yours. If you’d like to purchase the eBook, click here. You will have the choice of paying by Paypal or by credit card. And thank you so much for venturing on this first eBook journey with me.


If you’re familiar with my other books, you’ll feel right at home with this new baby because I’ve used the same design and layout style and offer the same meticulous attention to detail and clarity to insure your knitting experience is smooth and sweet. I’m excited that for the first time I can include live video links so that my hands and voice are at your service.


The nearly 100 knitters who have tested my Tomato Heel Socks say it’s the simplest and most satisfying method they’ve ever used. This heel emerged last winter after several days of sitting beside the wood stove with my mother while trying to fiddle my way towards a new short-row heel. I’d given up several times when almost unconsciously, I did a small thing—and just like that, the clean heel of my dreams existed. This small thing closes gaps without holes, wraps, or acrobatics. The heel is rhythmic to work and nearly perfectly smooth, like a tomato. Best of all, once the process is understood, a knitter needs no written instructions.


The payment of $20 covers all installments of the eBook. The first installment is 20 pages long and includes the foundation lessons and first 3 patterns, with 5 more patterns to follow (listed in the table of contents in gray). These 8 designs will also be released as single-pattern purchases. A ninth sock, never to be released as a single, will arrive as an exclusive thank you gift to eBook purchasers, and will complete your eBook.

The first sock in the book is one I dearly love, my Zebra Socks, which come in sizes for babies through large men. Above you see my little grandson Charlie wearing his, and below you see me in a tree wearing mine. I am pretending to be a Madagascar Lemur.

The next pair in the first installment is another Charlie-inspired design that delights adults as well: Secret Treasure Pocket Socks. I can even fit my iPhone in a pocket, and you can make 1, 2, 3, or 4 pockets, as you wish. These socks also come in all sizes.

If you turn the pockets inside out (notice that I used leftover sock yarn to knit the insides, why not?) they look like puppy dog ears. Of course, when they are pushed to the inside as intended, they are secret.

And third, you will find an elegant sock, Minnesota Moonlight, which will entrance you both in the knitting and the wearing. Alas, I do not offer these for babies or men, but they do come in women’s small, medium and large.

This eBook was conceived and born in the the very same room where I am writing this, at my parents’ home high in the Santa Cruz Mountains 10 miles as the crow flies (and they do) from the Pacific Ocean. At the moment I am working nearby my mother again, as I was during the days when the Sweet Tomato Heel was conceived, surprising me with its sweet, smooth innocence and friendliness. Twas winter then, tis summer now, and the sun is shining, so off I go for a walk, with my patient mother, who just told me it need not be a long, long walk.

If you’d like to purchase my eBook, click here. You will have the choice of paying by Paypal or by credit card. (The $20 payment covers all installments.) And thank you so much for venturing on this first eBook journey with me.