Maiwa School of Textiles, Vancouver, BC, 2 in-depth workshops, February 6-7, and February 8-10, 2019

I’m so happy to return to Maiwa again, to teach two in-depth workshops on two of my favorite design collections. The Art of Felfs is already sold out, but there is still space in a wonderful 3-day exploration of my latest ebook on Fingerless Mitts. As a bonus, participants will also receive patterns for my as yet unpublished series of cowls inspired by the mitts’ simple construction. Imagine: the first morning you’ll learn all the techniques by knitting a Tiny Mitt, which also serves as a gauge swatch and, if you want a fun detour, it can be turned into an animal finger puppet (so far I’ve made a fox, a rat, a llama, and a donkey). Once you’ve completed your Tiny Mitt, you can choose any of the 25 patterns in the ebook (included in your class fee) as well as any of the cowls which I will also share with you. Did I mention that the mitts have also inspired baby blanket designs? I hope you will register and join us for 3 days of creative pleasure, inspiration, and practicality!