Spring 2018 Weaving for Knitters Retreats on San Juan Island in Friday Harbor

Dates to choose from: March 4-9, or March 11-16, or March 18-23. or April 8-13

Sixty-two curious knitters helped launch my four new island weaving retreats last spring. The enthusiasm and gleeful discovery that weaving is so easy to learn (in every case, my students have been warped and weaving by lunch of the first day) is inspiring and contagious and opens whole new vistas for knitters. They’ll all return home to discover their stash looks entirely different, because weaving welcomes odds and ends in a way that knitting cannot. It takes me only minutes to teach our new weavers how to knit off of any edge or surface of weaving, and how to seam two panels (you don’t need a wide loom, we use 15-inch rigid heddle looms). To learn much more, download *Cat’s 2018 IWKR Brochure*, and email me with any questions, or to reserve a spot for yourself (and perhaps a friend). Come join the fun!

I particularly love doing these retreats and sharing the beauty of the island where I am so fortunate to live. San Juan Island is closer to British Columbia’s Vancouver Island than it is to mainland USA, and those of us who live here consider it paradise. Our new retreat home for 2018 is the serene and sparkling Island Inn at 123 West, about a minute’s walk from the ferry. We’ll even be able to spend one morning cruising on the interisland ferry, circling amongst the four ferry-served islands while I teach. And Island Wools, our local yarn shop, is just a two-minute walk, if you suddenly need something. To learn about the variety of lodging choices, download The Island Inn Room Guide for Cat’s 2018 Retreats.

Our new gathering space looks out on neighboring islands and on into the wild blue yonder. Imagine sipping your morning coffee and watching the sun rise over Brown Island, painting the sky like a beautiful rose-gold skein of cashmere! As always, afternoons will be free for exploring the island. You can stroll about the village or the waterside park, visit the Whale Museum, wander the network of docks and fantasize about life aboard, walk along quiet forested roads, or rent a bike and intimately explore the island’s byways. Or savor a sweet afternoon nap in your ultra-soft sheets! There are alpaca farms, hiking trails, beaches, an outdoor sculpture museum, harbor seals, and more.

(The throw pictured above is warped with 2 skeins of multi-color sock yarn and the weft is two skeins of blue worsted weight—see what your stash can become?)