Iceland in the Heart of Winter with Cat and Pecos, Jan 21-30, 2017

Reyjkavik winter post

Because our Icelandic friend Valdi convinced us that winter in his native land is the best season of all, we led our first “Winter in the Heart of Iceland” trip last January and can’t wait to return with a new group. We enjoyed six-plus hours of daylight, with each day a few minutes longer, and the slow metamorphosis between darkness and light mesmerized us twice daily. The temperatures varied from 23 to 46 degrees Fahrenheit. Reykjavik is friendly, enchanting, and walkable. The tiny sparkling lights wrapped around every bare tree branch, hand-knit lace curtains, and lovingly-curated window scenes all make night-time strolls spellbinding. Knitting is embedded everywhere—almost as if the country were designed by knitters (actually it probably is, since everyone learns to knit in school). Most mornings after breakfast, unless we are leaving on a field trip, we’ll gather with Cat for our Icelandic knitting workshop, with two Icelandic-themed projects. Our field trips will include an Icelandic horse farm, a wool cooperative, a private Icelandic cooking class and dinner with our professional chef friend Matti, an evening of knitting with our Icelandic friends in a wonderful shop outside of Reykjavik, a visit to the Selfandsfoss Waterfall, a tour of the Istex Wool Factory, and visits to several more of our favorite yarn shops outside of Reykjavik. This is a trip that will make you wish you could be in Iceland every winter!

Download Iceland 2017 for lots of photos and full details, including the registration form. We’d love to have you join us!