Guadalupe-Moebius Retreat, summer of 2018, Los Altos, California


We have been incubating this retreat—sharing a union of the Guadalupe consciousness and the grace of the Moebius—for several years. It represents the very best of each of us, and may well express the deepest part of you as well. We cannot honestly describe the activities or rhythm of the retreat ahead of time, because the Guadalupe-Moebius dynamic is like a fresh, beautiful stream that does not move within the boundaries of any religion but transcends and draws from all spiritual longings. However, we shall be ready with a tantalizing array of possibilities, from knitting (beginners welcome, as well as more advanced) to drama, music, and possible field trips into the surrounding community. If these words and the Guadalupe-Moebius brochure call to you, we’d love to have you join us in what we feel holds as much promise as anything we have ever done together.