A Second Magical Scottish Sojourn with Pecos and Cat, May of 2019

Our 2018 Scottish Sojourn was a dream come true, and so we will lead a similar trip in 2019, also in May (which turned out to be a fantastic time of year, with baby lambs and spring flowers). The Isle of Skye and the Shetlands are endlessly magical, mesmerizing places with friendly, down-to-earth people who value wool and textiles as much as we do, if not more. We have not yet prepared the 2019 PDF because there are still details to be confirmed, but if you email me I can add you to the list and you will receive the PDF when it is ready (probably in the fall). In the meantime, you can look over last year’s PDF:  Scotland 2018 PDF. We can’t wait to welcome our second group of adventurous, knitters, along with their loved ones who wish to join us.