2018 Weaving for Knitters Island Retreats on San Juan Island, WA—a second year for both beginners and returnees!

Come fall blissfully into this rabbit hole with us!

Sessions 1 and 2  (March 4-9 and 11-16) are for brand new weavers and sessions 3 and 4 (March 18-23 or April 8-13) are for returnees and adventurous newcomers. I’ll let some of my 2017 weavers tell you more:

“Cat Bordhi retreats are truly magical. Cat taught weaving with grace and simplicity and I couldn’t believe how quickly all of us were weaving fantastic pieces. The tips and tricks you learn are invaluable and you truly will “fall down the rabbit hole” as Cat likes to say. The setting and the food but even more the people that you are with will be a balm for your soul.”—Jan, from California

“You arrive thinking you will learn a little bit about weaving. Then a little bell rings and you enter the Cat zone, and emerge a few days later with your wishes fulfilled and so much more. I arrived as a knitter, stressed and looking forward to a few days off in a new location. I left as a weaver, not just in the warp and weft of my loom, but with the warp and weft threads of my life interwoven with new friends and an extended community of positive support and joy in our shared experience. The island was beautiful, restful, and the food was truthfully among the best I have ever eaten.”—Laura, from Virginia

For full details and registration instructions: 2018 Weaving PDF