2018 Restorative Year’s End Knitting Retreat on San Juan Island, WA, Oct. 28-Nov. 2

This retreat is underway now…to be repeated in 2019. Come join us then!

Because my fall knitting retreats fill so early I am opening one more, with a special focus dear to my heart, and I hope, to your heart as well. This new retreat is intended to be deeply restorative, with the goal of replenishing your inner resources for the year ahead.

I’ll be teaching a handful of one-skein projects designed especially to engage you with a pattern rhythm that embeds itself in you like a lullabye, so that you mostly needn’t look at instructions. And as usual, I’m always available for individual knitting consultations, delighted to help resolve problems, illuminate mysteries, or teach special techniques as individuals wish.

We’ll spend some time each day knitting in communal silence, letting the deep wellspring of knitting recalibrate us and fill the room as our hands move in quiet harmony. As someone reflected after a period of silent knitting last year, “What a magical and grace-filled time we shared.” If you have never experienced this, you may find it to be a nectar that increases in sweetness day by day.

All the details are here: 2018 Restorative Year’s End Knitting Retreat. For information about the beautiful Island Inn, which we will call home for our retreat: The Island Inn Room Guide for Cat’s 2018 Retreats